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IV Congress 2016

4th Congress of the Polish Communication Association
Poznań, September 15-17, 2016.


kongres2016_plakatThe 4th Congress of the Polish Communication Association aims to promote an interdisciplinary, comparative, multi-methodological approach to the study of social communication in the era of new technologies. The objective is to contribute to our understanding of a technological change and how that change affects the communication process. In particular, we would be be interested in discussing such issues as: Do new technologies enhance a quality of social communication, or just provide new channels of communication? Do new technologies affect a nature of social communication? Doe new technologies affect cultural changes? Do they establish new relations between participants of the communication process? Do they provide new opportunities for an access to knowledge?

The participants of the Congress will be mostly Polish scholars joined by foreign scholars invited to that event. The Congress languages are Polish and English. More information on the Congress one may find at: www.ptks.pl

The Congress is organized in a co-operation with the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (www.wnpid.amu.edu.pl; www.amu.edu.pl).


Abstract submission: January 7th, 2016kongres@ptks.pl
Acceptance notes: February, 28th, 2016