Volume 6, No 1 (10) Spring 2013

Editor: Bogusława Dobek-Ostrowska, Guest Editor: Peter Gross

Editor’s Introduction

Pro-active media accountability?  An Austrian perspective (Klaus Bichler, Matthias Karmasin and Daniela Kraus)

Running head: The natural framing of military conflict (Ekaterina Basilaia, Robert McKeever and Donald Shaw)

Media ethics in the development of journalism in Nigeria (Nkechi M. Christopher and Okereke Onwuka)

A different kind of massive attack: How the Bulgarian ultranationalist party Ataka engineered its political success using electronic media (Elza Ibroscheva)

Can the Church use the media communication channels? (Terezia Roncakova)

Bias, partisanship. Journalistic norms and ethical problems in the contemporary Hungarian political media (Balazs Sipos)

What can the history of communication studies tell us about its practical relevance in the future? The four “currencies” of academic success and an alternative chronology of the subject’s development in Germany since 1945  (Christian Schaefer)

Regional ? National ? Supranational.  How the German press covers election campaigns on different levels of the political system (Jurgen Wilke and Melanie Leidecker)

Interview with Jane Leftwitch Curry

Manuscripts submitted for publication were reviewed by Janina Fras, Epp Lauk, Michał Kuś, Małgorzata Lisowska-Magdziarz, Philippe Maarek, Irmina Matonyte, Norbert Merkovity, Beata Ociepka, Jerzy Olędzki, Svetlana Pasti, Dorota Piontek, Lilia Raycheva, Magdalena Szpunar, Natalia Vasilendiuc, Rocio Zamora
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