Volume 1, No 1, Fall 2008

Guest Editor: Michał Jacuński

Table of contents:

Recreating journalism after censorship. Generational shifts and professional ambiguities among journalists after changes in the political systems (Epp Lauk and Svennik Hoyer)

Comparing media systems in new democracies: East meets South meets West (Katrin Voltmer)

The role of European political parties in closing the communication gap within the European Union. A critical view (Michał Jacuński)

Press concentration, convergence and innovation: Europe in search of a new communications policy (Lou Lichtenberg)

Television: The challenges of pluralism to media regulation (Lilia Raycheva)

Public service market? Commercial activities of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) (Johann Roppen)

Comparing Nordic media systems: North between West and East (Lars Nord)

Fox News and the polarization of attitudes in the U.S. (Wayne Wanta)

Liberal mass media and the multi-party system in post-communist Lithuania (Irmina Matonyte)

Party system and media in Poland after 1989 (Piotr Sula)

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