Volume 2, No 2 (3) Fall 2009


Editor: Bogusława Dobek-Ostrowska

Table of contents:

Editor’s introduction (Bogusława Dobek-Ostrowska)

American political campaigns (William L. Benoit)

Political campaign communication in Sweden: Change, but not too much (Lars Nord)

An ideology of disconnection: For a critical political marketing (Heather Savigny and Dominic Wring)

Mediatization of political life in conditions of electoral campaign – a retrospection of the elections in Romania (Andra Seceleanu)

Media pluralism by default: The case of Moldova (John H. Parmelee)

Constitutional debate in the Czech Republic (Vlastimil Nečas)

Red danger before elections: Trick or threat? (Jan Křeček and Lenka Vochocová)

Selected aspects of political marketing in Slovakia (Antónia Štensová and Peter Štarchoň)

Costs of political campaigns in Slovakia (Vladimir Pčolinský)

Election coverage in Poland 2005: A content analysis of the main TV news programs (Bartłomiej Łódzki)

Political discourse in Polish commercial television. Case of “Fakty” TVN (Dorota Piontek)

Functional theory of political discourse. Televised debates during the parliamentary campaign in 2007 in Poland (Patrycja Dudek and Sławomir Partacz)


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