Volume 5, No 1 (8) Spring 2012

Editor: Michał Głowacki, Guest Editor: Aukse Balčytiene

Table of contents:

Editors’ introduction: How to approach change in modern communications (Aukse Balčytiene and Michał Głowacki)

Spies like us: Media, politics and the Communist past in Bulgaria (Elza Ibroscheva)

“Original Democracy”: A rhetorical analysis of Romanian post-Revolutionary political discourse and the University Square protests of June 1990 (Ioana Literat)

Old and new constraints in foreign news coverage in post-Communist Ukraine (Natalya Ryabinska)

Remixing international news reporting (Paulo Nuno Vincente)

Use of sources in newspaper coverage of the 2009 Bulgarian Parliamentary election (Daniela V. Dimitrova and Petia Kostadinova)

Constructing identity on social networks. An analysis of competences of communication constituted on Facebook.com (David Dobrowsky)

Young people as media audience: From content to usage process (Anda Rožukalne)

Emerging patterns and trends in citizen journalism in Africa: A case of Zimbabwe (Bruce Mutsvairo and Simon Columbus)

Democracy and new media in Central and Eastern Europe: Interview with Karol Jakubowicz

Referees: Małgorzata Lisowska-Magdziarz – Jagiellonian University in Cracow (Poland) and Inta Brikse – University of Latvia in Riga (Latvia)
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