Volume 11, No 1 (20) Spring 2018 Call for Papers

Central European Journal of Communication is an international forum for empirical, critical and interpretative, quantitative adn qualitative research examining the role of communication in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. The journal welcomes high quality research and analysis from diverse theoretical and methodological approaches, as well as reviews of publications and publishers notes on a wide range of literature on media and communication studies.

Submission of original articles is open to all researchers intrested in communication and media. We welcome contributions examining the role and position of mass media and communication from theoretical, empirical and critical perspectives and using all forms of inquiry, as well as reviews of books other scientific publications.


We ask scholars and researchers intrested in publication to submit manuscript of must be no longer than 45000 characters (notes and reference list inclusive) by 31 August 2017. Maximum eight papers for the publication will be selected by 31 September 2017. Full-length papers shall be submitted online. 


Book reviews and other scientific publications on media and communication studies in Central and Eastern Europe (maximum 7000 characters) should be submitted to reviews@ptks.pl by 31 August 2017


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