Volume 5 No 2 (9) Fall 2012


Guest Editors: Epp Lauk and Michał Kuś

Table of contents:

Editors` introduction: Media accountability ? between tradition and innovation (Epp Lauk and Michał Kuś)

From media self-regulation to `crowd-criticism`: Media accountability in the digital age (Susanne Fengler)

Users` perception of media accountability (Harmen Groenhart)

Changing political attitudes towards media accountability in Sweden (Torbjorn von Krogh)

The news ombudsman: Lightning rod or watchdog? (Huub Evers)

Assessing potentials of journalists? blogs as an instrument of media accountability in Estonia (Halliki Harro-Loit, Juhan Lang and Marju Himma-Kadakas)

Ukrainian journalists? perceptions of unethical practices: Codes and everyday ethics (Anastasia Grynko)

Radio ombudsman services of Brazilian Public Radio (EBC) as media accountability instruments (Laurindo Leal Filho, Fernando Oliveira Paulino and Luiz Martins da Silva)

Media accountability and transparency: interview with Stephan Russ-Mohl

Manuscripts submitted for publication were reviewed by Sigurd Allern, Peter Bajomi-Lazar, Marcel Broersma, Alison Harcourt, Iwona Hofman, Rune Ottosen, Turo Uskali
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